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"The Anxious Knight"

Updated: May 25, 2023

A children's story about a knight with little honor who bites off more than he can chew!

“To be a knight, one must have honor. There is no honor in picking random fights!”- Eric James

Eric James, October 2021, DistilleXinc2021


Their once was a man who became a knight,

All he wanted to do was go to war and fight.

So he grabbed his shield which was to the left,

And he grabbed his sword which was to the right,

Then he ran out of the castle very quickly into the night.

He ran to a man holding a leaf,

“Fight me sir, go to that tree!”

The man dropped his leaf out of fright,

Then the man ran and hid behind a can.

So the knight ran to a boy holding a toy,

The knight yelled, “Fight me boy, go to that tree!”

The boy became scared and dropped the toy,

Then he ran to the man who hid behind the can.

The knight ran to a woman who could not see,

But she held a jar which held a flea.

The knight yelled, “Fight me woman, go to that tree!”

The woman became so scared she dropped the jar with the flea.

She screamed loudly as she ran,

Until she tripped over the boy and the man,

Who were hiding from the knight behind the can.

The knight then ran to a singing girl holding a pearl,

The knight yelled, “Fight me girl, go to that tree!”

Terrified, the singing girl dropped the pearl,

Then ran to the woman, boy and man and they all hid behind the can.

So the knight ran over to the can.

On his way he picked up the singing’s girl pearl,

The woman’s jar with the flea,

The boy’s toy,

And the man’s leaf.

The Knight yelled,” Oh boy, oh girl, oh woman, oh man,

If you want your stuff, fight me at once!”

They all stood up ready to battle,

And the knight struck a pose that caused the pearl to rattle,

The rattling pearl caused the jar to open and release the flea.

The knight became scared and jumped up and down,

The toy and the sword both fell to the ground,

He waved his hands while he screamed,

And reached for his sword so he could fight the flea,

But darkness is all he could see,

Because his waving hands blew the leaf,

which covered it eyes so he could not see.

The knight wandered around and around,

Until he became dizzy and fell to the ground.

The singing girl picked up her pearl,

The boy picked up his toy,

The man picked up his leaf,

The woman who could not see,

Grabbed the jar placed in it the flea.

Then she yelled, “Mr. Knight

You have lost this fight

Now go over to that tree

Because if you bother us again

I will release this flea.”

“Alright” said the knight,

Who was now sad because he lost the fight.

He picked up his sword and ran to the tree,

Where he wept until he fell asleep.


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