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EJ's Author Style


            Eric James, often known as E. Jay, is a professional writer who takes pride in writing creative fiction narratives/short stories, poems and novels designated for the keen mind. With a sarcastic and witty writing style, his stories flow directly to the mind and soul. Many of his writings place nonfictional characters into a fictional world, while others place fictional characters into a nonfictional world. His writings have elements of his personal life written elegantly and tastefully, defining the situations and experiences he has encountered during his lifetime.


            His works relates to the common man living in the world in which he beholds. The  incorporation of his philosophies into his writings is so well-done that the reader leaves urging their peers into debate about the world they encompass. The reader is placed in the mind of  E. Jay as they critically gaze the world through his insight.  The reader gains' aspects of his personality and beliefs through his works.

           E. Jay's writing style is very unique. His bold use of italics brightens the story & rejuvenates the readers mind. He leaves the reader wondering and pondering about what is next as his works offers twists and turns at every corner. The proper use of chain reaction, cause and effect, and intuitive connections gives the reader a surplus of mental stimulation and spiritual growth. He invites the reader to create lines of inquiry by recreating real-time events, situations, and current issues into his writings.


Personal Quote(s):

“Every author can write. Every author can tell a story. But every author can’t recreate the world and its constant revolving issues, views, insights, values, and perspectives into writing without stripping the world of its life. That’s what separates me from everyone else who writes words on a piece of paper.”


“To me, writing is used to colorfully tell the story of one’s life.”


“There are 1000’s of words. 1000’s of words have multiple meanings. Why not tell 1000’s of stories to a reader who have 1000’s of views.”


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