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Distilled Water (seeking representation)

Two forward-thinking young women battling anxiety and depression, search within the depths of their dark experiences for resolve, seeks The Divine for light and guidance en-route to true healing of themselves and their challenged friendship.

Image by Kevin Mueller

Ascendants & Descendants                        (seeking representation)

A young teacher must maneuver through a set of horrid events that centers around others fighting for his unique divine abilities that will reshape the world as we know it.


Winds of Scyus (seeking representation)

Alexa is a wise 5th Grader who stumbles across the ability to connect with beings from another world. With their guidance, Alexa unlocks her true ability to connect  both worlds for a divine purpose that was destined only for her.

Girl in a City

The Harbor of Bantex (seeking representation)

Three contrasting women are thrust into a paranormal set of events revolved around unique children The Divine has sent to reshape humanity's state of being.


Sequences of Actuality: Tome 1                 (seeking representation)

A divine account on how to identify and correct Karmic cycles. Communication is another main aspect in this piece. In a very uniquely written way, Early Childhood Education theories, such as Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, is used further make the connection of life and Karmic cycles!

Ocean Rocks

Burdens of the Sun (in progress)

Darren runs into a new friend whom he had visions about meeting soon before. Little does he know, she will assist him in remembering the events from Ascendants and Descendants along with preparing for the upcoming audacious ones.

Forest Road
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