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“Turn Me Over”

Updated: Mar 16

A young woman dreams gives her clues to her future. Will she follow them?

A message from The Divine is prevailing. Not only do they answer your concerning question but they do it uniquely for you. At the same time, the message resolves your concern, saves the reputation of another individual, eases your anxiety then thanks you for listening to them by speaking through another person. - Sequences of Actuality: Tome 1."

Eric James, May 2023, @DistilleXinc2021


Why am I awake at three in the morning? This has been the case for the last three nights. To make matters worse, the past two nights, I have awakened at thirty-three minutes past three. Coincidence much? I am sure it is a specific reason behind this but my drowsy brain can only solve the math but not the problem. Dreams. Maybe my dreams can tell me. Hmm. I recall the one from two nights ago. It was very brief. It took place in a clothing store.

I was shopping without a cart. I stared at two halters tops screaming for my body. Unfortunately, I just knew I wasn’t there to shop. I overheard two children playing in the next aisle. I got the urge to follow them. I trekked to the end of the aisle. To my surprise, they were with my coworker. Jake is an accountant at my job. I am a paid intern for now. I will have a prominent position here once I graduate in three months.

I smiled but did not talk. He was in a hurry. The playful banter of the two kids had gotten to him. They weren’t listening. He had the look of someone observing the disliked guest arriving to the party. He was down on one knee attempting to place a scarf on one child. This child was dodging the other’s attempt to hand tag. Jake belted a sigh of exasperation. I knew I had to step in.

I crouched then tapped both of my knees to gain their attention. They turned around to face me. To my surprise, I knew them. They both attend the preschool on the lower level of our job’s office building. I conduct my volunteer hours in their classroom. Without saying their names nor making any movements, I somehow directed them to follow Jake who was moving like he was late for work. We exited the store. Somehow, the setting became the hallway at our job.

We made it to the stairway. Jake began pecking away on his cell phone. Even from a distance, I could view his screen as clear as day. The words in his texts, however, were blurry. I could care less due to my focus being on the screen’s background. Why? It was the exact color scheme of my perfume website. My line of sight was suddenly taken to the time on his phone. It was 7:11pm. I assumed the dream meant he was checking out my website. I was delighted by that.

Jake possesses traits of both intelligence and modesty. You rarely find that combo these days in anyone. He owns up to his mistakes. He is warm to others but will pinch you with his pincers if you don’t approach him in a respectful manner. I adore him but I don’t think I am his type. When I arrived to work the day after the dream, he bypassed me with a gentle hi. I had heard the team (we have many at my company) he was part of, was looking for a new venture or investment. I assume he may be interested in investing in my perfume.

I got home very exhausted. I baked a store-bought salmon along with steamed broccoli and brown rice. When I was done cooking, I laid in my bed to rest as the food was cooling down. Indeed I rested. So sufficiently, I awoke after midnight. As hungry as I was, my lackluster energy forbade me to eat. After a trip to the bathroom, more rest was needed. My dream began with me in a meeting. My team was discussing the best way to analyze or better yet, the best way to assess the data collected from business sales.

I left the meeting seeking late reports from two co-workers. I was not upset but yet demotivated. I knew they dropped the ball. I checked my phone to an email. It was my coworker suggesting I come back to her office in a couple hours. She had the report but was just modifying it after a minor mistake. I felt indifferent. The dream did what dreams do when problem-solving. A massive time jump.

I was walking down the hallway on my way to pick up the report. I ran into another co-worker of mines. Dan. We are not close but we respect each other. We are the kind of people who work at the same job but our different positions keep us separated. The person, that if you worked with more, you would be good friends with. Jake was sitting at a table outside of the office. Dan went to him. My coworker met me at her office door. She handed me the report followed by a couple excuses. Once again, I was indifferent.

I turned around to Dan giving me the ‘come here’ look. His smile was more sly than joyful. I moseyed over to the table. Jake was now appearing embarrassed. On the table, were at least ten sheets of paper. On every sheet of paper, my name was on it. The colors of the papers were the colors on my website. Dan sarcastically asked Jake about the report on the table. As much as Jake was ashamed, he still discussed the report like it wasn’t about me. Dan kept chuckling and pointing at the papers because we could hear, “Oh shit, I got caught,” subliminally in Jake’s voice.

I didn’t want to embarrass Jake any further outside of Dan’s sarcastic questions regarding the obvious report. I just responded to Jake like I had not seen all the papers of me on the table. Jake had already begun to gather the papers while Dan was grilling him. My attention was taken to his phone that was on the table. Again, my website and full name was on his phone. The time was 1:17pm. I woke up. It became obvious to me that Jake was spying on me. Not in a bad way. I never got that vibe.

I bypassed Jake a couple times at work earlier today. His phone was not visible. He greeted me but that was that. I didn’t have a dream tonight. At least none that I can recall. I reach for the remote to turn on the television. It is a business commercial. The commercial is too far along to know what for. It’s nearing the end where the people are persuading you why they are trustworthy enough for your support. My focus is taken to this line.

“We want to do more than just work together with you.”

The phone number appears as the commercial is ending. The extension number is 711. That is quite interesting. This number has appeared too much recently. I reach for phone to research for any possible significance of this number. After delving into a couple websites and videos, it appears this number means positive news or message is coming. Hmm. That would make since. Maybe, Jake does want to work with me and invest in my perfume. I am excited by this!

I awake the next day thrilled as I have ever been to go to work. During my ride to work, I kept going over the possibilities of having my perfume branded. I went over logistics, who could possibly be on my team, marketing, and hell, what if it makes me famous! Time has passed. I am going home. Nothing magnificent happened during the day or over the course of two weeks at work. However, outside of work, I have witnessed events I presume only I can believe.

I have run into the number 711 numerous times on license plates. This number was also the total price on my receipt when I shopped at Walgreens the other day. Even more strange, I had a dream last week. It consisted of Jake driving a FedEx truck. I have been prepping my website and perfume business plans in preparation for him to reach out about it.

Last week, I went to a speed dating event at a local bar with my friend. I found no one interesting enough to hold a conversation with after the event. I left so flustered that alcohol couldn’t calm my nerves. I blurted out, “Please lord! Send me someone!” My friend randomly mentioned it was 3:33am and she needed to hurry home to her son because he freaks out during thunderstorms. I wished I had a son to go home to.

Here it is, on a Friday. I am wrapping up my last day here for a couple months. School is out so my internship is up. Jake converses with me wanting to know if my internship went well. He eventually informs me about a comedy show he will be attending later on. He invites me to come with him. I delightfully accept. I take out my phone to program his number. The time is 3:33pm.


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