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"A Nimble Heart Pricked by a Bee"

Updated: Mar 16

A poem about a person who seeks personal growth over the matters of the heart.

“All of your mind, body and heart must act as one. With this unity, you create self-love. When you have self-love, only then can you truly love someone else.”-Eric James

Eric James, October 2021, DistilleXinc2021


His heart removed his mind, which now awaits due process

The eagerness of the outcome left his heart dwindling in fear

The fear of him not returning to who he was

Sadly, he does not want to be who he were

His mind wants to make progress

Despite what his heart believes, its expiration is near

In spite, his heart regressed, just because

In hopes, it would bring him back to her

He has become a profound shell of himself

The once vast depth of his mind is now a hermit

Forced out to seek what is lost

The vanishing space of his peculiar home

It is now a must to surge through billowy clouds without help

Guidance is a setback; his mind would throw a fit

His lack of freedom is what led to his domicile laden by frost

His mind proclaims it must travel unescorted for a thousand miles

The indecisiveness of either discovering a grander home

Or heaving out the denizens who seized his domain

Is only to be determined by him

The continuation of his mind is governed by the verdict he seeks.

He must become Hippocrates, heal within as he roam

The natural world must be his propane

That fuels the heat to disintegrate the frost within him

Although, to build a new home within may take weeks.

His mind has just enough might stored

For him to share this might to reach his resolve

For his heart challenges this fight and journey

She just hungers for him to remain who he are

She hopes her love leads to him to take the bait

To return with no growth, no evolution

For if his mind evolves enough to create love

She will be reduced to just an organ rather than a feeling

His mind has succumbed to her too many times

The evolution was this turning point

His mind vacating her to seek autonomy

Is the verdict his heart hopes to prevent

The battle has already been lost

The battle has already been won

The heart must understand

When the mind finds itself it will return


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