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Winds of Scyus Book Release

Updated: Mar 29

Winds of Scyus Book Release

March 31st, 2024, @DistilleXinc2024


My first published book, "Winds of Scyus" (pronunciation: Sci-yuh-s)...

Will be released Sunday, March 31st, 2024. Click this post or link below to purchase/Pre-order.

Paperback will be available to purchase on April 1st, 2024.

Feel free to invite others to read. Thanks ahead for any support!

Winds of Scyus



Astoria, an endearing 5th grader, life suddenly opens up to a world only few can discover. She loves nothing more than being with her father, Ian. Their bond can be described as uniting. Even when they are together, they are connecting strands as if they never met.

Her mother, Aria, wants to possess that kind of close relationship with Astoria but they are never on the same page. Conversations lead to disagreements. Disagreements furthers the detachment. In the end, Ian usually brings them back together.

Life provides a thorn in their foot as he has gone missing. In order to find him, both Astoria and Aria must work together to find him. The improvement of their relationship is vital in order to figure out why he has gone missing. Their divine connections are incredibly beneficial in not only finding him but healing their bond with each other.

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