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More about Eric James

               E. Jay created, 'Children are the Light', a page dedicated to his learning experiences as both an early childhood teacher and artist. "I view myself as more of a facilitator rather than a teacher." He attended grad school at National Louis University to further sharpen his teaching skills. The academic success remained as he was completed his grad program with a 4.0 gpa gifting him honors of being selected Sigma Alpha Pi of the National Society of Leadership and Success. After obtaining his 'Masters of Arts in Teaching' degree, E. Jay continued to write and teach the little ones. "I learned so much in a small period of time. It was time to go to another level."


              During Pandemic 2020, not only did E. Jay maneuver teaching preschool age children remotely but he attended National Louis University to obtain his Special Education Endorsement. Lead teaching and attending school full-time (maintained 4.0 gpa) during a pandemic reflects his hard-work, dedication, multi-tasking ability. "I didn't push writing to the side either, I got better."


               He possess numerous abilities. He is a heyoka empath, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant Pleiadian starseed. "My gifts are uniquely one of kind. The ability to possess numerous abilities has its ups and downs.  I cannot transport people into my mind to experience the clarity I have. But, I can write it down. Leading others is my light."

Marble Surface

Notable Education


E. Jay obtained Bachelor's of Art Degree from Columbia College Chicago

E. Jay obtained Associate's of Art  Degree from City Colleges of Chicago


E. Jay obtained Master's of Arts Degree from National Louis University

Inducted as Sigma Alpha Pi/Certified Leader with National Society of Leadership & Success


E. Jay obtained Special Education Endorsement from National Louis University


E. Jay worked as a professional lead teacher/transitional teacher. Working with in infants, toddlers, pre-k, pre-headstart, and head start programs during this time.

E. Jay also worked as a professional tutor for elementary students, College students and adults in alternate degree programs.


E. Jay began a professional career as a Special Education Teacher

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